Press Release

The P2 camera recorder links up with LiveU and TVU bonding services.
Faster, more stable live streaming and FTP transfers.
Available with a firmware upgrade (free of charge).

Applicable Models

  • Memory Card Camera Recorders: AJ-PX5000G, AJ-PX800G, AJ-PX380G, AJ-PX270
  • Memory Card Recorder: AJ-PG50

The upgrade is the result of a partnership with LiveU and TVU Networks. It enables IP connection (wired or wireless) to LiveU or TVU Networks devices for parallel use (bonding) of multiple cell phone lines. Providing higher and more stable quality for live streaming of video content, and this enables high-speed FTP transfers of recorded files. The status of the LiveU or TVU device is also displayed in the camera's viewfinder to allow real-time confirmation of the connection conditions.

Combined with Panasonic's P2 Streaming Server (P2SS) and P2Cast, this produces a comprehensive solution for a variety of broadcast needs.

P2 Live Streaming Solution

Compatible P2 camera recorders are equipped with a QoS mode for streaming use. This mode optimizes the signal bit rate in real-time depending on the connection conditions of the cell phone line. Bonding with a LiveU or TVU device makes it possible to stream video with greater stability and a higher bit rate. The streaming video is sent through a LiveU or TVU server to the P2 Streaming Server (P2SS).

P2Cast Cloud Workflow

Compatible P2 camera recorders feature a Rec During Uploading function that automatically uploads proxy image files while recording. Uploading is possible to Panasonic's Cloud News Production System, P2Cast, or to a client FTP system. P2Cast uses a cloud application to set IN and OUT points in the proxy video. After producing the EDL, only the necessary scenes extracted in the form of high-quality video files from the on-location camera will be received. This achieves very efficient workflow. Bonding connection with a LiveU or TVU device accelerates the transfer speed and increases stability for a faster workflow.

Illustration: P2 Live Streaming/P2Cast Cloud Workflow with Bonding Devices

Image: Viewfinder Displays of the Connection Conditions (marked red)

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