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Connection Confirmed Bonding Devices


Connection Confirmed Bonding Devices

  • Results of compatibility tests are as listed, but no guarantee is implied from this information.
  • Connection problems may occur depending on equipment and the environment.
  • You may need to update the firmware of the equipment. Please refer to the "Service and Support".
Manufacturer Model Connection with P2 series products Display of
bonding devices
information *1
AJ-PX5000G AJ-PX800G AJ-PX380G AJ-PX270 AJ-PG50
LiveU LU200*2 Wired LAN Yes Ver. 40.26
or later
Ver. 36.16
or later
Ver. 36.95
or later
Ver. 39.41
or later
Ver. 33.54
or later
TVU Networks TVU One Wireless LAN Yes Ver. 39.93
or later
Ver. 35.94
or later
Ver. 36.67
or later
Ver. 39.13
or later
Ver. 33.16
or later

*1: For AJ-PG50, bonding device information is not displayed on the OSD screen.
*2: Version 6.2.3 or later.

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