Information on renewed regulation for lithium battery by air shipment

1. Applicable products of Panasonic Broadcast and Professional AV category

Model No. Lithium Battery Model No.(supplied) Optional Lithium Battery Model No.
AG-DVX100 Series/AG-HVX200 Series
AG-HPX170 Series/AG-HPG10
AG-HMC150 Series/AG-HMC70 Series VW-VBG260 VW-VBG260

2. Conditions to make lithium battery shipment as non-dangerous goods

3. This regulation is only for Air shipment. (Land or Boat shipment is out of regulation currently.)

4. In case of shipping the products including lithium battery or lithium battery itself by air, it is required that the product package is exactly the same as original package style in order to make it as non-dangerous goods shipment. Otherwise, 1.2m drop test is required.

  • Note: Consultation with the Forwarder or Airline before the air shipment of lithium battery is recommended.