Notes when using expressP2 card B series

Read the following details before using the expressP2 Card B Series.
Software version up or exchanging hardware is required in some cases.

  Product Required Detailed information
Camera VariCam 35 Firmware Update Ver.6.00 or later
VariCam HS Firmware Update Ver.6.00 or later
VariCam LT Firmware Update Ver.11.93 or later
(Card Reader)
AU-XPD1 Exchanging hardware, free of charge, might be necessary. If there is no "Supports expressP2 Card B Series" written on the bottom of the box, exchanging hardware, free of charge, is required. Please contact your vendor.
Software P2 Viewer Plus Firmware Update Ver. or later
P2 driver Firmware Update (MAC) 3.2.2 or later
(Windows) 2.27 or later