Notes when using expressP2 card C series

Read the following details before using the expressP2 Card C Series.
Software version up or exchanging hardware is required in some cases.

  Product Required Detailed information
Camera VariCam 35 Firmware Update Ver.9.00-00-0.02 RECORDER Ver.9.00-00-0.06
VariCam HS Firmware Update Ver.8.00-00-0.00 RECORDER Ver.8.00-00-0.18
VariCam LT Firmware Update Ver. 40.66-00-0.00
(Card Reader)
AU-XPD3 Firmware Update Ver. 0.7E-00-04.24
AU-XPD1 Firmware Update*1 Ver. 2.22
Software P2 Viewer Plus Firmware Update Ver. or later
P2 driver Firmware Update Windows: Ver. 2.33 / Mac: Ver. 4.0.21
  • *1: Please make sure that "Supports expressP2 Card B Series" is written on the bottom of the box.
    If not, please contact your vendor for free exchange of the hardware.