The VariCam 35 — Revolutionizing the Way Emotion is Changing





Rugged, Easy to Operate, and Expandable

Modular Structure

The VariCam 35 is comprised of the AU-V35C1G 4K camera module with PL lens mount and the AU-VREC1G recording module. This recording module is the same as that of the VariCam HS featuring the AU-V23HS1G HD camera module with 2/3-type lens mount. The two camera heads are interchangeable to suit a variety of applications. The camera head docks to the recorder without any cable connection. And the rugged docking mechanism allows easy docking and undocking in the field, without having to use a screwdriver.

Separate Location Operation

Using the AU-VEXT1G Extension Module, the camera module and recording module can be positioned at separate locations and connected with the AU-VCBL05G (5-meter length) or the AU-VCBL20G (20-meter length) Extension Cable . This lets you mount only the camera head to a crane, thus adding flexibility to your camera work.

Detachable Control Panel with Monitor

Control panel on the recording module has a built-in 3.5-type LCD display panel. It can be used as the display for menu operation and also can be used as a live/preview monitor. The keys and dials are laid out around the display for quick and accurate operation so frequently used settings can be accessed directly.

GUI is developed to suit those in filmmaking but the menu suitable for video system users are also available The detachable structure allows the camera to be operated from a distant location (with 90cm extension cable). The VariCam 35 supports a variety of shooting styles and adds flexibility.

VariCam 35 HOME Screen


VARICAM ROP*1 is a remote control app for iPad*2 that enables users to control a VariCam cinema camera when the camera is mounted on a camera crane or jib. The display of VARICAM ROP provides a GUI similar to the control panel on the VariCam camera body, allowing for smooth, comfortable control with an iPad.

For details on VARICAM ROP, please see the ”ROP” page.

*1 The app can be downloaded from App Store provided by Apple Inc.
*2 iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Toughness, Durability and Reliability

  • The lens mount section is made of stainless steel, and designed to prevent flange back deviation due to temperature changes.
  • Body made of strong and rigid aluminum alloy.
  • Cooling system designed for effective dissipation of heat from the circuitry section.

*Supports AU-VREC1/AU-VCXRAW2 ver. 7.50-00-0.05 or later.

Large-Diameter OLED Viewfinder

Newly developed 1080p OLED panel shows very clear & accurate image, no lag, low latency, very sharp, accurate color. Wide field angle with viewfinder magnification of 0.78x and large-diameter 38 mm eyepiece lens offer comfortable viewing with minimum vignetting. Optical zoom adjusts image size to personal preference.
This viewfinder assists you to expose properly with the Y-Get (spot meter), waveform, false color and zebra. It is capable of 2x, 3x and 4x expand focus.

Compatible with a Wide Variety of Cine Style Accessories

  • Flat top and bottom panels for easy installation of various plates.
  • Mounting holes provided on both sides and handle for convenient mounting of accessories.
  • Shoulder mount module (AU-VSHL1G/AU-VSHL2G) can be moved in a range of 110 mm (4-3/8 Inches) in the front and back direction to accommodate a diversity of lenses.