The VariCam HS – Changing the Way Action is Captured


VariCam HS Firmware Upgrade Schedule

Schedule on this document is subject to change without notice.

As of 6th July, 2018

< 10th July 2018 > VariCam HS firmware ver.8.0 is scheduled for release.

  • Supports Custom Splash Screen capability for theft deterrent measure

< 23rd April 2018 >
AU-VREC1 and AU-VCXRAW firmware ver. 7.50-00-0.05 is scheduled for release.

  • Supports the new View Finder AU-VCVF2GJ
  • Initial value setting in the “FILE NAME STYLE” menu is changed from [P2] to [CINE]

< 19th September 2017 > Firmware ver. 7.5.1 is scheduled for release.

  • Add alarm function when a corrupt video file is detected
  • Enhance collaboration with third-party apps for grading tool, making it possible to transmit property data, such as video clip name or color information, to the apps via LAN or wireless LAN

< 29th May 2017 > Firmware ver. 7.5 is scheduled for release.

  • INFRA mode (Wireless network setting)
  • REC Check
  • Expanded frame rate range in HIGH SPEED mode down to 1fps
  • RDD18(Camera meta, includes Clip name) on MON output
  • "ADD" and "DELETE" for SHUTTER/WB/EI on ROP
  • Anamorphic desqueeze on play back image
  • Support WM50MC(for China) and PLANEX GW-900D(for Japan)
  • USER CLIP NAME TYPE3 on OSD is off as default
  • Deleted CPS password system

< 17th February 2017 > Menu Simulator is scheduled for release.

  • Newly support Menu Simulator for new firmware (ver. 7.0)

< 10th February 2017 > VariCam ROP App is scheduled for release.

  • Newly support Remote Control App “VariCam ROP” for iPad

< 9th February 2017 > Firmware ver. 7.0 is scheduled for release.

  • Expand ProRes recording
    • Newly support 2K recording
    • Newly added “ProRes 4444 XQ”, “ProRes 422 and “ProRes 422 LT”
    • Newly support VFR in ProRes 4444/4444 XQ recording
  • “2.00:1” aspect can be selected for Frame Signal
  • Enable to assign “VFR (ON/OFF)” to USER SW
  • VF display can be selected “EE(Camera through)” even in Playback

< 11th October 2016 >  *Latest firmware upgrade is available here

When the date/time setting information on the recorder indicates December, the trouble will occur. So please perform this update as soon as possible.

< May 2016 > Firmware ver. 6.0 is scheduled for release.

  • Menu to match the file name of clips recorded in MAIN and SUB recorder is added.
  • New expressP2 card "B series" support
  • New wireless module "AJ-WM50" support
  • ProRes HQ codec support 1080/60i, 50i
  • LUT/CDL recorded with each clip can applied in playback mode
  • LUT/CDL can be saved in SD card
  • "2.201:1" frame marker is added
  • "BEEP" sounds can be played at REC START/STOP
  • Each of VF and VF-SDI can separately have different color
  • AUDIO VOLUME can be adjusted by menu dial
  • New USER SW function which open AUDIO VOLUME display directly is added
  • WFM can show in "YGBR"
  • Area marker which shows expanded area in EXPAND mode is added
  • MENU structure of "Audio Setting" and "Output Setting" is improved
  • Changed the name of menu item from "FLIP FLOP" to "IMAGE INVERT"
  • New function to display the lists of functions which is assigned to USER SW

ProRes is licensed from Apple Inc. Apple ProRes codec from Atomos under license.
Atomos is trademark and copyright of Atomos Global Pty. Ltd.