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VariCam LT Firmware Upgrade Schedule

Schedule on this document is subject to change without notice.

As of 6th July, 2018

< 10th July 2018 > VariCam LT firmware ver.7.0 is scheduled for release.

  • Supports Custom Splash Screen capability for theft deterrent measure

< 19th February, 2018 > Firmware ver. 6.0 is scheduled for release.

Ready for Live

  • Shading mode
  • Full control from AK-HRP1000/1005
  • Return video

< 5th October, 2017 > Firmware ver. 5.5.2 is scheduled for release.

  • The process of leveling the recording bit rates in 4K60p format is added to improve the stability of images when recording a subject that changes extremely in a short period of time.
  • Ver. 24.20 (released on Sept. 19, 2017) has a problem, and this is fixed. If the lens is attached/detached, REC operation starts.

< 19th September, 2017 > Firmware ver. 5.5.1 is scheduled for release.

  • Newly support an EF lens, Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S (Compact Cine Servo Lens)
  • Add alarm function when a corrupt video file is detected
  • Newly support a Chinese GUI
  • Enhance collaboration with third-party apps for grading tool, making it possible to transmit property data, such as video clip name or color information, to the apps via LAN or wireless LAN

< 15th June, 2017 > Firmware ver. 5.5 is scheduled for release.

  • 240p RAW output
  • RAW OUTPUT = SINGLE can be selected when MAIN CODEC = OFF
  • Support "EF24-105mm  F4L IS USM (CANON)"
  • RDD18(Camera meta, includes Clip name) on MON output
  • REC Check
  • Expanded frame rate range in HIGH SPEED mode down to 1fps
  • "ADD" and "DELETE" for SHUTTER/WB/EI on ROP
  • Anamorphic desqueeze on play back image
  • Support WM50MC(for China) and PLANEX GW-900D(for Japan)
  • USER CLIP NAME TYPE3 on OSD is off as default
  • FF/REW icon on control panel and added x16 speed
  • Software can be rebooted from control panel

< 17th February 2017 > Menu Simulator is scheduled for release.

  • Newly support Menu Simulator for new firmware (ver. 5.0)

< 10th February 2017 > VariCam ROP App is scheduled for release.

  • Newly support Remote Control App “VariCam ROP” for iPad

< 6th February 2017 > Firmware ver. 5.0 is scheduled for release.

  • Expand ProRes recording
    • Newly support 2K recording
    • Newly added “ProRes 4444 XQ”, “ProRes 422 and “ProRes 422 LT”
    • Newly support VFR in ProRes 4444/4444 XQ recording
  • AVC-LongG G50/G25 recording support (HD only) & microP2 Adapter support
  • “2.00:1” aspect can be selected for Frame Signal
  • Enable to assign “VFR (ON/OFF)” to USER SW
  • “Image Invert” & “Surround View” can be selected independently
  • “Audio Level Meter” can be selected to display on SDI OUT