Case Studies: Eurocam live CZ s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

Panasonic Showtime – Studio Cameras in a Leading Role

The development of digital broadcasting and the rising number of new TV stations on the Czech market meant an increasing demand for proprietary production and covering of large quantities of programs. To meet increasing demands Eurocam live CZ decided to expand its fleet and acquired a new ENG truck in 2012.

In this period the company was approached by several prospective customers requesting coverage of entertainment programs, news and talk shows - i.e. a multi-camera production involving 5-6 cameras. It is the fastest growing segment of the television production because programs of this size are affordable even for smaller TV channels which want to offer studio shows with live audience, a very popular format these days.

After analyzing the situation, needs and projections of market development, the company decided to invest in new ENG truck equipped with five cameras, being able to handle both SD and HD production. The company was looking for technological futureproof solution that would meet TV production needs even for the years to come.

Eurocam live CZ was founded in 2012 as part of a Eurocam corporation. The company provides a comprehensive production service for filming TV shows, entertainment shows, sporting events, conferences and live events. Company’s broadcast technology and professional staff helps all television producers and customers to bring on screen even the most challenging TV broadcasts.

In a short time Eurocam live CZ has become one of the key players on Czech broadcast market being in charge of technological production of programs such as Jan Kraus show, Partička comedy show, Koule or S Polívkou na víně talk shows.

"In 2012, we met with increasing number of requests for broadcasting programs with multi-camera production involving 5-6 cameras. Basically the same type of studio programs with similar needs. Using large ENG trucks we owned for these productions would have been too expensive.
Therefore, at the time of finalization of the first contract for the program, which should start airing soon, we have decided to build a customized ENG truck to suit our needs. And of course, we expected other business to come as well.

We did not need a universal ENG truck for sporting events or concerts but the truck that would handle talk shows or news programs with 5-6 cameras in SD and HD resolution. At the same time we were looking for the best value for money solution, because the price was crucial in small productions. Even while working on a project with enormous pressure on the price, you are looking for AV equipment that delivers the best picture and the cutting-edge technology. That’s why we ruled out older cameras - right now they offer great value, yet they are not an option for the future.

While choosing from the wide offer of cameras on the market we came across the newly introduced Panasonic AK-HC3800, which impressed us with its features and price. The camera offered everything we need for the next few years, plus it was a brand new model with advanced technology making it a great investment in the future. Of course it was a risk, because the cameras were new at the time, so we could not base our decision on user experience or recommendations. Therefore, we put the cameras to challenging tests, and today we have successfully carried out many productions. Our tests proved that camera delivers excellent picture quality and considering its other skills and features its value for money is simply fantastic."

Felix Nevřela
Eurocam live CZ s.r.o.

Panasonic products purchased by Eurocam live CZ

  • 6 pcs AK-HC3800GSJ - HD studio camera
  • 6 pcs AK-HCU200EJ - Camera Control Unit
  • 6 pcs AK-HRP200GJ - Remote Operation Panel
  • 6 pcs AK-HVF70GJ - LCD color viewfinder
  • 2 pcs AJ-HVF21KG - B/W viewfinder
  • 2 pcs AJ-CVF100G - RGB HD LCOS viewfinder
  • 1 pc AK-MSU935EA - Master Setup Unit
  • 2 pcs TH-42LF5E - Professional LCD display