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Approaches High-End Shoulder-Type Camera Recorder Performance

600% Dynamic Range with New 1/3-Type 3MOS Image Sensors

AJ-PX270 1/3 type, 2.2 megapixel MOS sensor

* In [HIGH SENS.] mode

22x Zoom Lens with Three Manual Rings and Ultra Low-Speed Seesaw Zoom Levers

AJ-PX270 Three Manual Rings image

AJ-PX270 22x Zoom Lens image

Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), Digital Zoom and ND Filter

*1: Flash Band Compensation will not operate while digital zooming.

Image Adjustment Function from a New Menu

AJ-PX270 New Menu image

Advanced Flash Band Compensation (FBC)

Variable Frame Rate Supporting 1080p

* Pre-Rec, Loop Rec, Interval Rec, One-Shot Rec, Dual Rec and One-Clip Rec cannot be used while recording at the native variable frame rate.

AJ-PX270 left image:Overcranking (higher-speed shooting) , right image:Undercranking (lower-speed shooting)

Advanced Focus Assist Functions

* The focusing time varies depending on the shooting conditions and subjects.

AJ-PX270 left image:Focus-in-Red, right image:Expand

New Built-in Electronic Level Gauge

AJ-PX270 Electronic Level Gauge

OLED EVF and High-Resolution LCD Panel


Scene Files and User Files

Other Recording Support Functions Professional Image Quality and Advanced Functions

* When set to F1.6, 18 dB gain, 1-second accumulation, [HIGH SENS.] mode

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