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Confirmed FTP Server Software

Connection confirmed Access Point (Wireless Router)

Connection confirmed 4G/LTE Modem

Connection confirmed Wireless Module

Connection Confirmed Bonding Devices

Qualified environment wireless and wired LAN system

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Network Functions Link to from the Field in Real Time

Dual Codec Recording* for Smooth Network Connection**

Wired/Wireless LAN, 4G/LTE Network Functions**

Full-HD Streaming Supported**

  • ** For details, refer to "Notes Regarding Network Functions".
  • *1: When the AVC-Intra200 is selected, streaming output is not supported. When the AVC-Intra50 is selected, only SD Streaming mode is supported.
  • *2: P2 Streaming Receiver software (Windows only, not supported by Mac; available free of charge) is required for receiving the QoS mode.
  • *3: The video and audio signals arrive with a delay. The latency varies depending on the network environment and the hardware/software environment of the PC, server, etc.

Live Streaming Distribution via RTMP

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  • *1: The audio codec is AAC LC 2ch in all streaming mode.
  • *2: When only the record signal is 1080/59.94i or 1080/50i.
  • *3: When only the record signal is 720/59.94p or 720/50p.
  • *4: Output becomes 1080/59.94i or 1080/50i.
  • *5: RTMP is not supported by the QoS mode.

Automatic Transferring: Rec during Uploading Function

  • * During simultaneous recording, only recorded clips in slot 1 or slot 3 are automatically transferred. Clips of interval recording, loop recording, one-clip recording or one-shot recording are not transferred automatically. While the Rec during Uploading function is enabled, Last clip delete function and streaming function are disabled.

Cloud Solution

Linking with LiveU or TVU bonding services offers
faster and more stable live streaming and FTP transfers.

Direct Connection to The LiveU or TVU Video Uplink Solution**

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