To use the Visual Presets function

When installing Visual Presets Software, 90-day free trial is available.
To continue the usage of the Visual Presets function, purchase and installation of the Visual Presets Software Key is required.
Please contact Sales company to purchase a software key.

  • Install the Visual Presets Software.
  • Order the Visual Presets Software Key from a vendor.
  • A box contains the key code will be delivered.
  • The box will contain a sheet with the key code and an Installation Guide.
  • * Activate according to the Installation Guide.
  • * AW-SF300 can also be purchased in the US via electronic software delivery, in which an activation key code can be delivered to your email address provided. Please contact the local sales company for details.

There is a 90-day free trial available for Visual Presets Software. Please purchase this "Visual Presets Software Activation Key" after checking precautions and confirming that this will work in your environment during this free trial period.

  • * Eligible users of the 90-day free trial extension are limited to those using the free AW-SF300 trial for the first time and those who have started using the free trial within the last 90 days. If you have already started using the free trial, a software version upgrade will be required.

Panasonic does not collect, store nor share within the organization any personal information including pictures of targeted people in the visual presets software. Information registered in the auto tracking software are stored only in the environments (PCs/servers) where the software is installed and cannot be stored elsewhere.