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Stadiums image

12G-SDI system ensures high operability for shooting sports events at stadiums

12G-SDI enables the creation of a complete system including cameras and switchers. It achieves 4K production with the same operability as conventional HD by allowing 4K video to be transmitted through a single coaxial cable. In addition to permanent stadium facilities, it allows next-generation 4K live production when shooting from broadcasting vans and at temporary venues.

System Configuration


Sportscasting image

Linked control of 8K ROI camera and remote camera reduces operating costs in multi-camera/multi-angle sportscasting.

The wide-angle, high-resolution image of a field or court captured by an 8K camera yields four crop images and one perspective image, a total of up to five separate HD videos. Panning, tilting and zooming of the close-up images of athletes or players can be controlled easily by operating the individual crop frames in the perspective image. Furthermore, by linking the panning, tilting and zooming of a remote camera set up to shoot from a different angle to the movement of the crop frame in the 8K image, a small staff can perform multi-camera/multi-angle sportscasting.

System Configuration

* Software must be updated when used with the AK-SHB800 8K Multi Purpose Camera.
Once it is updated, it cannot be used except with the 8K Multi Purpose Camera.