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PTZ Virtual USB Driver

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NLE / External Recorder
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HD Camcorder




*The cable is optional.

A Compact Recorder with Versatile Operation for Broadcasting,
Video Production, Live Streaming and more.

Surgical Image Recording System

Memory Card Portable Recorder


Compact Camera Head


  • (Special Option for the AG-UMR20)

"New POVCAM" with a Compact, Lightweight, Free Style Shooting and IP Networking Capability

A Compact, Lightweight, Free-Style Shooting
Inheriting the features of the first-generation POVCAM plus the operating ease of a touch panel.
Network Operation for IP Control and IP Streaming
LAN connection enables zooming and real-time video monitoring with a PC or tablet.
Double SDXC Memory Card Slots
Extended recording capability with large-capacity SDXC Memory Cards and Relay Recording.
High-Quality, Newly Designed 4K* (UHD) Camera Head
Featuring a high-resolution, progressive MOS sensor and 29.5mm (35 mm equivalent) wide-angle optical 20x zoom lens.
  1. *: 4K acquisition is possible only when connected to the AG-UCK20GJ Compact Camera Head. 4K refers to UHD (3840 × 2160) resolution. The maximum resolution in 4K shooting mode via HDMI/SDI output is FHD (1920 × 1080) 59.94i/50i.

System Configration
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  • Inheriting the compact, lightweight, free-style shooting features of the First-generation POVCAM plus the operating ease and versatility of a touch panel.
  • Network Operation for IP Control and IP Streaming Versatile System Functions, Including 3G-SDI/HDMI/IP Simultaneous Output
  • Double SD Memory Card Slots (SDXC Memory Card) and Relay Recording A Memory Card Recorder with High Image Quality and Extended Recording
  • 4K (UHD)-Compatible, 29.5 mm Wide-Angle Optical 20x Zoom Lens Compact Camera Head with Improved Image Quality and Functions
  • POVCAM Applications Using the Compact Camera Head / System Examples with a Standalone Recorder

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