• Free Software

    PTZ Virtual USB Driver

Software that Converts PTZ Camera on Your Network into Super Web Cam

  • Able to use PTZ cameras on the network as USB cameras
  • Up to 5 cameras can be registered
  • Automatic camera discovery and network setting

Operations When Linked to Web Conferencing Software

Install the PTZ Virtual USB Driver and web conferencing software on your computer to hold meetings. The high-quality picture of the 4K/HD Integrated Camera enables meetings to smoothly progress.

Operations When Linked to Lecture Capture Software

Install the PTZ Virtual USB Driver and lecture capture software on your computer to broadcast and record lectures. This enables classes to be taken remotely in real time or recorded lectures to be used for preparation and review.

Lecture Capture Software Screen (when using Panopto™ software)

Connecting to Panopto™ Lecture Capture Software enables Camera Control from GUI Screens


Camera pan, tilt and zoom control

Preset Tab

Camera position preset operations

Image Adjust Tab

Focus and iris control

Camera Control Tab

Other camera settings

  • * The above screens are examples when using Panopto™. Available functions may vary depending on the app being used.
    For more information, please visit Panopto Website(