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    PTZ Virtual USB Driver

1. High-quality Video for Web Conferencing and Lectures

Using LAN-based PTZ Cameras as virtual USB cameras

Panasonic PTZ Cameras and Professional Camera Recorders lacking a USB port can be recognized as virtual USB cameras via LAN connection, enabling Web-conferencing applications or lecture-capture software to be used for high-quality video.

Operations with PTZ Virtual USB Driver
Ex. 1: Web Conference
Ex. 2: Lecture

2. Remote PTZ Cameras Used as Webcams

Achieving remote operation when USB cable connection not possible

PTZ cameras installed in ceilings or other places not accessible via USB cable can be used as virtual USB cameras. Also, multiple PTZ Cameras can be connected to a PC via a single LAN cable for a simple system design.

Using ceiling-mounted camera as webcam

3. PTZ Camera Operation via Panopto GUI

Efficient remote lectures

PTZ Cameras can be controlled with the Panopto Lecture Capture Software GUI.

Note: Functions may vary depending on app being used.

Lecture Capture Software Screen (when using Panopto™ software)

Connecting to Panopto™ Lecture Capture Software enables PTZ Control from GUI Screens*


Camera pan, tilt and zoom control

Preset Tab

Camera position preset operations

Image Adjust Tab

Focus and iris control

Camera Control Tab

Other camera settings

  • * The above screens are examples when using Panopto™. Available functions may vary depending on the app being used.
    PTZ Tab is not displayed when using CX series and POVCAM. You can not control Pan tilt and zoom with CX camera series and POVCAM.
    For more information, please visit Panopto Website(