PTZ Camera Systems

4K Integrated Camera

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Provides hybrid online/offline environment.
Standard models suitable for use in online classes and briefing sessions

Remote cameras enhance the visual communication in a variety of applications ranging from online classes to online seminars.
The AW-UE50/UE40 supports a compact design to blend in with the surroundings and operates very quietly to permit flexible use in any video shooting locations or conditions.
The AW-UE50/UE40 offers high security and it is easy to install and operate for capturing stable images, so even people unfamiliar with video shooting or camera operation can utilize it.
The excellent flexibility of the product simplifies wiring and operation.
Linkage with online conference software or online application is possible, so online video streaming is easy to initiate.
The AW-UE50/UE40 is a standard model perfect for people who want to utilize online video streaming more frequently or enhance the quality of online video streaming.


Provides a stable hybrid environment for connecting online and offline
Unit size and quietness for flexible use at any video shooting sites
Excellent system flexibility to achieve smart wiring and smooth operation