Live Switchers

Compact Live Switcher

  • AV-HSW10

IP Live Switcher with Intuitive and Compact Design
Takes Online Communication One Level Higher

Supports diverse IP protocols for smooth IP-based video production and distribution.


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Block diagram

Control Panel



1. Lecture or Live Event

For hybrid, in-person and online events, large-screen video at the venue can be output via 3G-SDI or HDMI and easily broadcast to remote locations via IP.
In addition, supporting NDI® input signal with alpha channel facilitates the use of CG materials.

2. Webinar or Teleconference

USB Video Class is supported for streaming to a web conferencing service, such as Teams or Zoom, without having to install a special driver on the PC.

3. Video Streaming

The AV-HSW10, also a great option for broadcasting prerecorded video, supports RTMP for direct uploading to video-sharing platforms such as YouTube.

4. Gadget Tools/Converter


  • Lawo LBP SNAP Series
    Remote Operation Panel

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  • Lawo LBP SNAP Series
    Remote Operation Panel

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