PTZ Camera Systems

Infrared Wireless Remote Control

  • AW-RM50AG

Key PTZ Camera operations can be performed using a controller with a form similar to a standard infrared remote controller

PTZ Camera control and adjustment using a familiar form of remote controller

  • Up to four PTZ Cameras can be controlled with a single remote controller.
  • The PTZ Camera under control can be changed with a single button press.
  • Pan, tilt and zoom can be operated using buttons.
  • Up to 12 preset memories can be recalled through button operations.

A design that follows on from existing wireless remote controllers* while improving ease of use

  • The body color has changed from gray to white for greater coherence with PTZ Cameras.
  • Pictograms and text notation provide improved visibility.
  • Compliant with Panasonic’s Universal Design principles.
  • * AW-RM50G (production discontinued)

Complete with key Remote Camera Controller functions

  • Focus, iris, shutter speed, and gain can be adjusted manually.
  • White balance, black balance, black level, genlock, and limiter setting can be performed.
  • Advanced camera settings can be adjusted through the OSD (camera menu).



Power Supply DC3V (size “AA” , "R6" or "LR6" dry battery x 2)*1
Operable Range Approx. 10 m (32.8 ft)*2
Battery Life Span Approx. 1.5 years*3
Dimensions (W x H x D) 53 mm x 27.3 mm x 200 mm (2-1/16 inches x 1-5/6 inches x 7-7/8 inches)
Weight Approx. 92 g (0.20 lbs.)*4
  • *1: Obtained separately.
  • *2: When the unit is pointed straight at the one of the signal light-sensing areas.
  • *3: Varies depending on how frequently the unit is used.
  • *4: Excluding dry batteries.