Category Product Type Model Number

AC Adaptor

AC Adaptor
  • AW-PS551

Battery Pack

Battery Charger
  • AG-B23
  • AG-BRD50
Battery Pack
  • AG-VBR118G
  • AG-VBR59
  • AG-VBR89G


Rack Mount Bracket
  • BT-MA1773G
Rack Mount Bracket (with Tilt Function)
  • BT-MA1774G
Direct Ceiling Mount Bracket
  • WV-Q105AUX


Camera Head Option Cable
  • AG-C20003G
  • AG-C20020G
Remote Control Cable
  • AJ-C10050G
Extension Cable
  • AU-VCBL05G
  • AU-VCBL20G
Cable for Indoor Pan-tilt Head Connection
  • AW-CA15H29G

Camera Build-Up Unit

Camera Build-Up Unit

Camera Control Unit

Camera Control Unit (CCU)

Camera Module for VariCam

4K Camera Module
  • AU-V35C1G
V-RAW2.0 Recorder
Extension Module
Grip Module
PL Mount
Recording Module
Shoulder Mount Module

Camera Studio System

Base Station
  • AG-BS300
Camera Adapter
  • AG-CA300G
Extension Control Unit
  • AG-EC4G

Interface Kit

4K/12G-SDI Interfacekit
IP/12G/3G Interface Kit

LCD Monitor

420 mm (16.5 inches) LCD Video Monitor

LED Light

LED Video Light
  • VW-LED1

Master Setup Unit

Master Setup Unit (MSU)

Memory Card

Memory Card "P2 card" F series
Memory Card "microP2 card" B Series
  • AJ-P2M064BG (64 GB)

    * Discontinued model.

    * The production of microP2 cards have been discontinued. When recording to SD memory cards in P2 format, please use SDXC memory cards with video speed class V90 or faster. Please use the latest version of the camera recorder software.

Memory Card "expressP2 card" B Series
Memory Card "expressP2 card" C Series
Memory Card "expressP2 card" D Series
Memory Card Adapter
SDHC Memory Card
SDXC Memory Card

Memory Card Drive

Memory Card Drive “microP2 drive”
  • AJ-MPD1G
Memory Card Drive "P2 drive"
Memory Card Drive "expressP2 drive"

Memory Card Recorder

Memory Card Recorder


XLR Microphone (monaural)
  • AG-MC200G
Super-Directional Electret Capacitor Microphone (monaural)
  • AJ-MC700P
Stereo Microphone
  • AJ-MC900G
Microphone Holder
  • AJ-MH800G

Option Board

HD/SD-SDI Input Board
  • AG-YA600G
AVCHD Codec Board
  • AJ-YCX500G
3G TICO & 12G to Quad 3G SDI Converter
  • AK-UGB01G
12G Output Board
  • AK-UHD12G
3G TICO UHD Output Board
  • AK-UTS03G
SDI Input Board with 18 Lines
  • AV-HS70M1
SDI Output Board with 14 Lines
  • AV-HS70M2
ME Process Board
  • AV-HS70M4
SDI Input Unit
  • AV-UHS5M1G
SDI Output Unit
  • AV-UHS5M2G
HDMI Input Unit
  • AV-UHS5M3G
HDMI Output Unit
  • AV-UHS5M4G
4K DVE Unit
  • AV-UHS5M5G
NDI I/F Unit

Rain Cover

Rain Cover
  • SHAN-RC700

Remote Camera Controller

Remote Camera Controller

Remote Operation Panel

Remote Operation Panel (ROP)


Tilt Stand
  • BT-MA1772G


Tripod Adaptor
  • SHAN-TM700


87.6 mm (3.45 inches) Electronic HD Color Viewfinder
  • AG-CVF15G
87.6 mm (3.45 inches) Electronic HD Color Viewfinder
  • AJ-CVF25GJ
38.1 mm (1.5 inches) Viewfinder
  • AJ-CVF50G
1.78 cm (0.7 inches) Full HD OLED Color Viewfinder
  • AJ-CVF70GJ
22.9 cm (9 inches) LCD Color Viewfinder
17.8 cm (7 inches) LCD Color Viewfinder
17.8 cm (7 inches) LCD Color Viewfinder
38 mm Electronic HD Color Viewfinder
38 mm Electronic HD Color Viewfinder

Wireless Module

Wireless Module
  • AJ-WM30
  • AJ-WM50
  • AJ-WM50G