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Currently, the need for video distribution such as online seminars and classes is increasing with the recommendations by companies to work remotely and temporary closure of schools. In order to support everyone's new working styles and educational environments with Panasonic's integrated cameras and automatic tracking technology, we have extended the free trial period of the Auto Tracking Software Key AW-SF100/200 to 90 days, so please feel free to use it. For detailed information regarding use, please visit the following download page.

  • * Eligible users of the 90-day free trial extension are limited to those using the free AW-SF100/200 trial for the first time and those who have started using the free trial within the last 90 days. If you have already started using the free trial, a software version upgrade will be required.

Face Recognition and Human Body Detection for High Precision and Smooth Tracking Control for Natural-looking Video

Face Recognition and Human Body Detection with Deep Learning* for High-precision auto Tracking

The camera uses highly accurate face recognition and high-performance human body detection. Tracking is possible regardless of the direction the subject is facing, so the camera can capture subjects in a lecture setting with almost no interruption, even when the subject turns to write on the board. The human body detection function uses deep learning technology* which accumulates and learns from tens of thousands of human images, achieving highly accurate detection even in settings with poor visibility, such as dark rooms.

Highly accurate face recognition that detects registered faces even in difficult environment.

By registering faces in the software, the system detects the position of the face in the video and achieves highly accurate automatic tracking. Whether you are shooting in an auditorium such as a lecture, or in a dimly lit environment such as an event, Panasonic's proprietary database can quickly detect and authenticate the location of small or hard-to-see faces.

High-precision human body detection that can track a face even if it is hidden by a mask.

With the spread of new lifestyles, there are more and more opportunities to talk while wearing masks or face shields. Even in such cases, this software is able to automatically track the speaker with its high-precision human detection function based on deep-learning. Even if the human body is only 1~2% of the total screen size, this software can detect it and keep track of the speaker even if he or she moves around on the stage, crouches or changes position from the initial detection, or part of the body is hidden by a podium or lectern.

  • * The software may need to be updated before using this product. Restrictions may also occur depending on your server or PC. See "Service and Support".

Panasonic does not collect, store nor share within the organization any personal information including pictures of targeted people in the auto tracking software. Information registered in the auto tracking software are stored only in the environments (PCs/servers) where the software is installed and cannot be stored elsewhere.

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  • * In this video, a free 30-day trial period is offered, but this is presently being extended to 90 days.

Auto Zoom*1

If you enable the “Auto” button*2 at the bottom of the zoom slider on the GUI, the automatic zoom adjustment function will work to keep the size of the subject constant. The size of the subject can also be changed from the Auto Zoom Size according to the purpose and situation. Even if the subject moves back and forth as well as left and right at a new product launch event at a company or a lecture at a university, it is possible to track and shoot the subject with the composition you want.

  • *1: This function cannot be used with the AW-UE4.
  • *2: Not displayed when the tracking mode is set to crop mode.

Link with a wide-angle camera*1

By linking a wide-angle camera*2 as a bird's-eye view camera, you can improve the stability of the tracking function. As long as the bird's-eye view camera captures the subject, it will immediately rediscover the tracking subject even if the tracking camera loses its target and resume tracking. *3 The bird's-eye view camera’s images can be used not only for tracking correction, but also for confirming the overview of the shooting and for live-streaming. It will support efficient camera operation in video production sites where mistakes cannot be tolerated, such as live streaming.

We recommend that you use this function in the following installations.

  • *1: This function is only for the AW-SF100.
  • *2: Only Panasonic PTZ cameras that support this software can be used as a wide-angle camera. The AW-UE4 cannot be used as a tracking camera.
  • *3: With this function, face recognition is not used for tracking.

GUI for Intuitive Setting

The auto-tracking settings can be easily made with an intuitive GUI only with the necessary icons to minimize the setting up labor and assist smooth operation. Tracking adjustment tools, such as masking, limiters, tracking disable zone and sensitivity level adjustment, are also available.

<Main View>

  • Provisions for correction by an operator are required, as the camera may misdetect or fail to detect a subject depending on the conditions in which it is used.
  • The screen layout may differ depending on the version you are using.
  • The face recognition function uses face recognition software from PUX Corporation.

Using IP-based Software to Support Remote Operation

IP-based software brought system flexibility and it achieved IP connection (IP streaming/IP control), installation/operation of camera in classroom from remote locations.

Simple, Low-cost Installation to Easily Migrate to the Existing System without Additional Devices

After installing the Auto Tracking Software on your server or PC*1, simply connect a 4K/HD Integrated Camera and your auto tracking system is complete – no new sensors or other equipment required! With its simple configuration, this system reduces the startup costs that are usually associated with tracking systems.

  • * See the reverse for details on cameras that can be connected.
  • *1: This refers to the Standalone version. If using the web app, install the Auto Tracking Software in your HTTP server.

AW-SF100 has Standalone and Web Application Versions to Choose from; AW-SF200 Operates on a Server

You can choose to use AW-SF100 as a Web application, so it also supports control from a tablet, smartphone, desktop PC, etc. Providing centralized control of multiple cameras, AW-SF200 uses a floating license for flexible operations matched to the user environment.

AW-SF200 system example: Lecture capture of entire school

Use of central servers for simultaneous auto tracking and centralized control of multiple cameras in a large hall and cameras in multiple classrooms.

AW-SF100 System Example: Lecture Capture of a Classroom

Auto tracking and control of one camera with one PC.

Various applications of Auto Tracking

Supported Cameras

PTZ Camera AW-UE150W/K
AW-HE145W/K (US and EU only model)
・AW-HN130W/K, AW-HE130W/K (Discontinued model)
Remote Camera Controller ・AW-RP120/AW-RP50 (AW-SF100 only)