Professional Camera Recorder

Memory Card Camera Recorder

  • AJ-CX4000GJ

Featuring Outstanding 4K/HDR Picture Quality and Advanced Networking Functions, The Shoulder Camera-Recorder for Production, Broadcasting, Distribution

The camera recorder responds to the emerging needs of the broadcasting industry, such as 4K/HDR high quality, streaming and remote production, while retaining the broadcast-standard B4 lens mount and shoulder-mount design.
Equipped with a large 11.14 M-pixel image sensor that provides a 4K high horizontal resolution of 2000 TV lines and HDR (V-log/HLG) gamma. A light workflow can be achieved with HEVC codec that records 4K 10 bits with high efficiency and the high-speed transfer express P2 card. Furthermore, innovative network solutions are provided with the 4K/SRT-compatible direct streaming function and NDI|HX-compatible*1 IP connection function.
Also compatible with AVC-ULTRA Codec*2 recording of the P2HD Series, and smoothly links to current HD broadcasting systems. It provides advanced support in various applications such as broadcasting or recording sports events and in the production of documentaries.

  • *1: NDI|HX, a technology of NewTek, Inc. To use this function, an activation keycode from NewTek is required.
  • *2: Use an expressP2 card or a microP2 card for recording in P2 format. Conventional P2 cards can not be used.


High-Quality 4K & HDR Shooting
4K HEVC and P2HD Recording
Streaming, IP Network Function


Live Video Streaming System

  • * Wired LAN and Wi-Fi network cannot be operated simultaneously.

NDI | HX Multi-Camera Live Production System