From Stage Performances to TV Program Productions and Broadcasts, Panasonic Provides Total Solutions to Live Entertainment


A new entertainment base is born in Osaka


A new, theater-type cultural facility, called COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA, opened for business as an entertainment center in Osaka Castle Park in February 2019. Comprised of three halls -- WW Hall, TT Hall and SS Hall -- the new facility accommodates a wide range of entertainment, from musicals and concerts, to theatrical productions and dance performances.

Adoption History

A stage with bright, high-resolution projectors is captured by 12G-SDI compatible 4K cameras for smooth TV program production with a 12G-SDI live switcher

Naturally, COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA functions as a theater, while also serving as a studio sub-system to record the events that are held there and distribute them to terrestrial TV stations and BS/CS stations. Images captured at all three halls -- WW Hall, TT Hall and SS Hall -- are integrated in the studio sub-frame "TV Adjustment Room" located on the 2nd floor of the SS Hall, allowing the images of all three halls to be acquired and distributed by a single sub-system.
For this novel system, a 12G-SDI compatible AV-HS8300 Series (Japan only model) Live Switcher and four 12G-SDI compatible AK-UC4000 4K Studio Cameras were introduced. In addition, seven 3-Chip DLP® projectors and three 1-Chip DLP® Format projectors were employed. This has allowed Panasonic to provide a total solution for images of various types, including musicals, concerts, theatrical productions and dance performances.

"TV Adjustment Room" of COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA.

The TT Hall performs projection mapping with three PT-RZ21K 3-Chip DLP® projectors.

System Introduction

Smooth 4K/HD Image Production

The 12G-SDI compatible AV-HS8300 Series (Japan only model) Live Switcher, with 3ME/30 inputs.

The 12G-SDI compatible AV-HS8300 Series (Japan only model) Live Switcher, delivered with 3ME/30 inputs, supports a wide variety of production, from 4K and HDR images to conventional HD images. For transmission of BS or CS 4K images, 4K mode is used, while HD mode is used for terrestrial waves, enabling simple operation of mixed formats. In addition, smart conversion between BT.2020 and BT.709 standards supports different and diverse effects for each event. Live music can be used for opening events held for event organizers, and simultaneously recorded in three formats: 4K/HDR, 4K/SDR, and HD.

Four Studio Cameras Used in All Three Halls

Four 12G-SDI compatible 4K AK-UC4000 Studio Cameras were delivered with the system. By simply opening the camera patch panels provided in each hall, the cameras can be immediately used. The AK-UC4000 Studio Cameras feature a large 4.4K sensor for HDR and BT.2020 compatibility. Also, sampling beyond 4K achieves a resolution of 2,000 lines, with high sensitivity, low noise, and a wide dynamic range. Vibrant images can be captured for projection mapping with the high-brightness projectors installed in the halls, ideal for various performances requiring beautiful images.

Live music captured using 4K AK-UC4000 Studio Cameras.

Operating four sets of AK-HRP1000 Remote Operation Panels (ROP) at the VE desk.

By opening the patch panels, the Studio Cameras can be used in all three halls.

Studio Sub-System Structure

SS Hall

An PT-RZ970 projecting from the adjustment room toward the screen.

The SS Hall seats a maximum of 300 people, with standing room for about 400-500. The stage and seats can be freely laid out. One PT-RZ970 projector is installed in the adjustment room, projecting onto a 248-inch screen (projecting size: 5490 mm x 3090 mm). The screen is not permanently installed, but rather is assembled for use in each event. The SS Hall is also designed for eSports events. For this purpose, it is equipped with 10 displays set on movable stands.

TT Hall

The distance from all 706 seats of the TT Hall and the stage is close, so even subtle expressions and movements of the performers are clearly visible. One PT-RZ21K projector is installed in front of the stage, and one PT-RZ970 each is installed on the left and right. The left and right areas project image content in an L-shape, producing a 3-dimensional performance effect on the stage.

An PT-RZ21K projects onto the front of the stage.

Operation screen for projection mapping.

An PT-RZ970 projecting horizontally toward the stage front.

Recording live at the TT Hall.

WW Hall

With 1,144 seats, the WW Hall accommodates a wide variety of entertainment, including musicals, concerts, theatrical productions, and dance performances. For projectors, the hall introduced an PT-RQ32K, with its 4K+ ultrahigh image quality, and the PT-RZ31K, with a brightness exceeding 30,000 lumens. Two PT-RQ32K projectors are stacked in front of the stage, and two PT-RZ31K projectors each are stacked on the left and right sides. By performing projection mapping on the maximum available space, the creation of world-class stage content is possible.

Two PT-RQ32K projectors are installed in the hall center.

Two PT-RZ31K projectors projecting horizontally toward the stage front.

Now that Adoption is Complete


Yoshito Toda,
President & Representative Director


Transmitting from Osaka to every part of Japan.

Prompted by the question of whether there was something I could do to vitalize Osaka, I proceeded to advance the COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA concept, starting about 5 years ago. Thanks to the help given to me by many people since then, we succeeded in creating an advanced facility that surpassed even our earliest expectations. Many people will surely be thrilled by our beautiful projection mapping. Smiles and emotions will reach many people in the homes that our programs are broadcast to. Music, theater, comedy, and all forms of entertainment are transmitted from here, aimed at bringing our theater to all of Japan and around the world. In so doing, COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA will continue to evolve.


Shirou Yotsufuji, Manager

Yoshimoto Broad Entertainment Center Co., Ltd.

Simply stated, It's easy to use!

I was in charge of introducing a studio sub-facility. Equipment selection began about 1.5 years ago. That was just about the time that Panasonic led the competition in launching their 12G-compatible switcher. Whereas conventionally four 3G-SDI cables would be necessary, the 12G-SDI made it possible to transmit a uncompressed 4K image over a single coaxial cable. This was very important for anyone pursuing easy operation. Since the switcher was 12G, we also wanted the cameras to be 12G, so we selected the AK-UC4000 Studio Camera. When we actually used it, even though we were doing 4K image production, it was just as easy as HD production. Since simultaneous production of different image formats was possible, there was no need to divide the systems into 4K sub-systems and HD sub-systems, so we also saved a great deal in costs. Having equipment that allows us to face a variety of challenges makes us pleased to be able to offer experiences to many people in a manner that only COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA can do.

Equipment Installed


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