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Advanced Network Functions Support Streaming and P2 Cast

Easy-to-Use Single Dongle, Flexible Network Connection

Proxy preview, camera remote, and playlist editing can all be done on a PC, Mac, or tablet connected to wireless LAN. When connected to the internet, files can be transferred and live streaming can be done. Nimble operation is possible using the Wireless Module (optional: AJ-WM50/AJ-WM30) or single dongle of the 4G/LTE dongle. Wired LAN connection and LiveU/TVU bonding services are also supported. The connection method is selected to match the usage environment.

RTMP/RTSP Compatible Full-HD Streaming

Full-HD streaming is possible while images are being acquired. Both RTSP and RTMP streaming methods are compatible. And Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming services are supported. A unique QoS (Quality of Service) mode*1 optimizes the bit rate according to the network conditions for stable streaming distribution. High performance is also achieved by linking to P2SS (streaming server).*2

* For details, see, "Streaming Mode" and "Streaming Output;" and "Notes Regarding Network Functions."
* It may not be possible to deliver streaming from the unit when services such as Facebook or YouTube stopped or discontinued operation for some reason.
*1: P2 Streaming Receiver software (Windows only, not supported by Mac; available free of charge) is required for receiving the QoS mode.
*2: A server with the Streaming Receiver Server Kit (Optional: AJ-SRK001G) installed.

An IoT Solution for News Gathering That Directly Connects On-Site News Acquisition with the Newsroom.

By connecting the AJ-PX5100GJ or other P2cam to the cloud-based P2 Cast integrated control system, a connectivity that approaches live relay can be achieved with automatic operation and camera control for interviews and other ENG. The system also helps to reduce costs.

P2 Cast Case Study (US COX MEDIA GROUP)

Automatic Upload from a P2cam to a Cloud Server

Recorded clips are automatically uploaded in the background from a P2cam to a cloud server. The Rec During Upload function also enables recording and playback while transferring data. In the event that the network connection or power is cut off during the data transfer, the transfer operation resumes immediately after the network connection or power is restored. This allows the camera operator to concentrate on shooting without being bothered by uploading operations.

Near-Live Upload

This is a unique P2cam and P2 Cast solution. In the Near Live mode, image data is split into 2-minute files, and those proxy video data files are automatically and sequentially uploaded to the P2 Cast Cloud. The files can be previewed on a WWW browser. After the shooting/recording is finished, the data is merged into one clip on the P2 Cast Cloud. Then it can be shared on the web.

News Content Web Sharing, Integrated Camera Control

  • Allows sharing of proxy clips on the P2 Cast Cloud by multiple staff members.
  • Highlight Editing function reduces the time for previewing, editing and obtaining high-res news image sources.
  • Monitors camera recorder status and GPS location information.
  • Enables remote metadata editing and remote camera recorder setting.
  • P2 Cast Bridge: Connects directly to the newsroom Nonlinear Editor, News Automation, and Media Asset Management Systems.
  • P2 Cast Mobile App: Connects smartphone cameras to P2 Cast/P2SS.

* Clips for Interval Rec, Loop Rec, One-Clip Rec, and One-Shot Rec are not automatically transferred. The streaming function also does not operate.
*See the App Store for information on the P2 Cast Mobile operating environment.
App Store is a registered service mark of Apple Inc.
iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

P2SS (P2 Streaming Server) Delivers Full-HD Streaming

  • Provides stable streaming by original QoS technology.
  • Features drag & drop and other intuitive GUI operations.
  • Manages 1,000 cameras and monitors 20 cameras/page.
  • Allows a maximum of 4 simultaneous streaming outputs.
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