• SMPTE ST 2110 Compatible
    Optional Software Key

    Optional accessory (additional fee required)


Activate SMPTE ST 2110-supported feature

By activating the software key, the AW-UE160W/K can become the industry's first* PTZ camera that supports SMPTE ST 2110

The first PTZ camera to support the SMPTE ST 2110 standard for video transmission over IP networks*.The system can be integrated with the IT/IP platform "KAIROS" and combined with the AK-UC4000/AK-UCU600/AK-NP600 to create an IP-based studio system to improve the efficiency of video production sites. Moreover, AW-UE160W/K will also support JPEG XS via a firmware update. It enables video transmission in 4K uncompressed format, expanding the range of operational system options to suit the site.

  • * As of February 2023. According to Panasonic’s research.

* Image is simulated.

SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks

The SMPTE standard is an international standard that brings together several standards for communicating video over IP networks. The standardization of this standard has made it possible to handle individual data such as video, audio, and auxiliary data, thus enabling highly accurate synchronization.
With the standardization of the SMPTE ST 2110 standard, the switch from SDI to IP-based transmission is underway in the broadcasting and video industries.

What is JPEG XS?

The JPEG XS codec is a compression standard of ST 2110-20 (ST 2110-22), which is characterized by almost no video degradation even when the data volume of the original image is compressed to about 10%, and by a compression processing delay of less than 1 msec. The compression ratio can be changed from 1/20th to 1/5th to suit the application and infrastructure, such as 1/5th for mainline use and 1/20th for monitoring purposes such as multi-viewers.