• AT-KC1000
    Kairos Core 1000 (Main Frame)

    2 RU size

  • AT-KC100
    Kairos Core 100 (Main Frame)

    1 RU size

  • AT-KC10C1
    Kairos Control (Control Panel)

    Two faders with 24XPT layout, all elements user assignable and multi control with joystick.

  • AT-KC10C2
    Kairos Control (Control Panel)

    Two faders with 12XPT layout and compact panel suitable for on-location venues and OB vans use.

    *AT-KC10C2 requires KAIROS version 1.3.2 or higher.


  • AT-SFC10
    Kairos Creator
    (GUI Software/Software Key)

    OS: Windows10/11, macOS (Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey)
    For various settings and operations

  • AT-SF001
    Software Key
    4K option

  • AT-SF002
    Software Key
    I/O option

  • AT-SF003
    Software Key
    Canvas option

  • AT-SF005
    Software Key
    Audio Mixer Option

  • AT-SFE01
    Software Key
    RossTalk option

    RossTalk supported for controlling XPression real-time motion graphics.

  • AT-SFE03
    Software Key
    NMOS Option

    *NMOS (Networked Media Open Specifications) is a protocol standardized by AMWA (Advanced Media Workflow Association) for controlling and managing devices via IP networks.

More options will be available in the future.

Third Party Products