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  • AG-CX350

Supports 4K/60p/10-bit/HDR High Image Quality, Streaming and IP (NDI | HX) Connection Capability, The High-End Handheld Camcorder for Production, Broadcasting and Distribution

The Panasonic CX Series is a lineup of camcorders that supports the fusion of video, broadcasting, and communication. The AG-CX350 is a handheld camcorder that features 4K/UHD resolution, 10-bit depth HDR-compatible V-Log/HLG image quality and various recording formats including broadcasting P2HD.
It offers creative activities that meets the needs of various scenes. Furthermore, innovative network solutions are provided with the 4K/SRT-compatible direct streaming function and NDI|HX-compatible* IP connection function, to serve as a live camera, and clearly expands the usability of the handheld camcorder beyond conventional news gathering and recording applications to meet a wide range of professional needs. It is also lightweight, compact, and has low power consumption to support all professional users in production, broadcasting, and distribution.

* Recording, streaming and 4K output are not available when using NDI | HX mode. Industry’s first camcorder to support NDI | HX. As of October 2020 (according to a Panasonic survey).
To use this function, an activation keycode from NewTek is required. Keycodes can be purchased from the following website:


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High Shooting Quality
Multi-Format, Multi-Codec Recording
Connect to Networks and Systems


Live Video Streaming System

  • * Wired LAN and Wi-Fi network cannot be operated simultaneously.

NDI | HX Multi-Camera Live Production System