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HD Studio Camera

  • AK-HC3900GJ

    [Tajimi Connector Model]

  • AK-HC3900GSJ

    [LEMO Connector Model]

Scheduled for release in the third quarter of CY2020

The large sensor provides high sensitivity and video quality alongside excellent cost-effectiveness.
This studio camera system is designed for use by broadcasting services and can be upgraded to support 4K.

The AK-HC3900GJ/HC3900GSJ studio camera is designed for use by broadcasting services and is equipped with a large sensor for high sensitivity and video quality. By combining them AK-HCU250PJ/PSJ/HCU250EJ/ESJ Camera Control Units (CCU) and the AK-HRP250GJ Remote Operation Panel (ROP), it is possible to construct a long-distance optical fiber transmission studio camera system at low cost.

With multiple supported formats, including 1080/59.94p and 720/59.94p, the camera can be used for a variety of HD video production purposes. In addition, Native 4K output with horizontal resolution of 2,000 TV lines can be achieved with the 4K upgrade*1 (with the 4K optional accessory equipped on the CCU). IP connection between the CCU and ROP is also supported, in addition to serial connection. It also supports PoE power supply*2 and offers a fiexible video production system that supports sports and live events, which require high operability, in addition to studio shooting.

  • *1: Supported via upgrade (additional fee).
  • *2: Abbreviation of Power over Ethernet.

HD Studio Camera

  • AK-HC3900GJ(Tajimi Connector Model)
  • AK-HC3900GSJ(LEMO Connector Model)

(Scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of CY2020)

Equipped with a large sensor for high-quality video production

  • High sensitivity of F10 (2000 lx) and low noise with an S/N ratio of 62 dB are realized with a large CMOS sensor (in High Sense Mode).
  • Supports multiple formats, including 1080/59.94p, 59.94i and 23.98PsF.
  • Equipped with lens Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC).
  • Supports 1/100 second high-speed reading to control rolling shutter distortion.
  • Equipped with Dynamic Range Stretcher (DRS) to control black defects and blown-out highlights.
  • Equipped with digital extender function (x2).
  • Supports HDR/BT.709 in HD mode and HDR/BT.2020 in 4K mode.
  • Capable of 4K video output with a horizontal resolution of 2,000 TV lines (with 4K upgrade).
  • SD memory card can be used for updating firmware versions.
  • * This unit does not support Build-up Units. When using field lenses, a lens supporter from the lens manufacturer and power supply are required.

Camera Control Unit (CCU)

  • AK-HCU250PJ/AK-HCU250EJ(Tajimi Connector Model)
  • AK-HCU250PSJ/AK-HCU250ESJ(LEMO Connector Model)

(Scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of CY2020)

Low-cost construction of high video quality, long-distance optical fiber transmission camera systems

  • Uncompressed long-distance transmission between camera and CCU is possible.
  • The compact, lightweight unit measures 2U in height and is rack-mountable.
  • Supported formats:
    1080/59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i, 29.97PsF, 25PsF, 23.98PsF, 720/59.94p, 50p
  • With 4K upgrade: Supports 12G-SDI output / 3G-SDI Quad Link output.
  • Supports RET input (2 ch for SDI).
  • Equipped with 1 intercom line and 2 audio lines.
  • Equipped with 3G trunk and 3G prompter circuit between camera and CCU.

Remote Operation Panel (ROP)

  • AK-HRP250GJ

(Scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of CY2020)

Compact operation panel with IP control and PoE* support

  • Camera serial control and IP control are possible.
  • Panasonic PTZ cameras are also supported.
  • Equipped with joystick control lever.
    IRIS / PEDESTAL operation is possible.
  • Equipped with scene file function.
  • Equipped with SD memory card slot. Supports saving of user files and firmware version updates.
  • Supports IP connection, PoE power supply, and the robust LAN terminal.
  • * Abbreviation of Power over Ethernet.

17.8 cm (7 inches) LCD Color Viewfinder

  • AK-HVF75G

Lightweight at just 1.8kg, with low power consumption and high resolution. Equipped with advanced assist functions.

  • Equipped with 1280 x 800 (WXGA) resolution 17.8cm (7 inches) color LCD panel.
  • Wide horizontal / vertical viewing angle of 176° , screen brightness of 400 cd/m² and contrast of 800:1.
  • Equipped with focus assist functions (Focus in Red, Pixel to Pixel).
  • Direct camera menu control is possible.
  • Equipped with three assignable function switches.
  • Contrast, brightness, and peaking can be adjusted.
  • Tilting (90° up, 60° down) and panning (90° left and right) is possible.

87.6 mm (3.45 inches) Color HD EVF

  • AJ-CVF25GJ

Open two ways for LCD monitor viewing

Higher resolution and blighter with Newly developed LCD