Screen display during playback

  1. Playback status

    Displays the status of playback.

    Displays only during playback.

    • imageicon_stop: Stop

    • imageicon_play: Playback

    • imageicon_still: Pause

    • imageicon_bos: Frame-by-frame rewind

    • imageicon_eos: Frame-by-frame

    • imageicon_ff10: Fast-forward playback (10x speed)

    • imageicon_ff20: Fast-forward playback (20x speed)

    • imageicon_rew10: Fast-reverse playback (10x speed)

    • imageicon_rew20: Fast-reverse playback (20x speed)

    • imageicon_slow: Slow playback

    • imageicon_backslow: Reverse slow playback

  2. Direct playback bar

    Displays the general position that is being played back.

  3. Time code display

    Every time the <COUNTER> button is pressed, the display is toggled in the order of [TCR **:**:**:**], [UBR ** ** ** **], [CLIP *:**:**:**], and no display.

  4. Playback navigation icon

    Operates by touching the icon.

    • imageicon_ff10: Fast-forward playback

    • imageicon_rew10: Fast-reverse playback

    • imageicon_stop: Stop

    • imageicon_play/imageicon_still: Playback/pause

  5. Still picture recording icon

    Touching the icon while playing back or while paused records the scene as a still picture.