AW-HE42W/K Optional Products

Optional Software

Supporting Lecture Capture with Auto Tracking function

Auto Tracking Software Key

* Connection with the AW-HE42W/K is planned for future support. Contact your sales representative for further information on when support will be available for this feature. Use may require a software version update.

Control multiple PTZ Cameras from PC

Software that converts PTZ camera on your network into Super Web cam

System Camera Options

  • Control Assist Camera
  • AW-HEA10W/K
AW-HEA10W/K Product Page
  • Live Production Center
  • AV-HLC100
AV-HLC100 Product Page
  • Remote Camera Controller
  • AW-RP150GJ
AW-RP150GJ Product Page
  • Remote Camera Controller
  • AW-RP50
AW-RP50 Product Page

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