In any case, Panasonic will not liable for any of the following:

  • Incidental, special, or consequential damage or harm caused directly or indirectly in regard to the camera

  • Trouble or malfunctions caused by the misuse or careless use of a user

  • Disassembly, repair, or modification of the camera performed by a user

  • Inconvenience, damage, or harm arising from the inability to display images as a result of any reason or cause including failure or malfunction of the camera

  • Malfunctions arising from a system that has been combined with a third party device or any inconvenience, damage, or harm caused as a result thereof

  • Inconvenience, damage, or harm caused by such as improper installation or any reason other than a defect of the camera

  • Any loss of stored information due to any reason

  • Any damage or claim regarding loss or leakage of image data or setting data saved in the camera, memory card, or computer