Web screen display on computer

The screen shots in this manual are based on those of Windows (Internet Explorer). The procedures for Mac (Safari) are the same. The screen displays differ in part.


Start the web browser on your computer.

Depending on the OS on your computer, use the following web browser.

  • Windows: Internet Explorer

  • OS X (Mac): Safari

Enter the IP address set on EASY IP Setup Software in the address field of the web browser. (Fig. 1)

  • Example:

  • If the HTTP port number has been changed and differs from “80”, enter “http://camera’s IP address:port number” in the address field.

    Example: (when the port number is set to 8080)

  • If the camera is on a local network, configure the proxy server from the web browser ([Tools] - [Internet Options] on the menu bar), so that the proxy server is not used for the local addresses.

Press the [Enter] key.

The web screen is displayed. (Fig. 2)

The initial screen is the [Live] screen. Switch this to the [Setup] screen as necessary. (Switching [Live]/[Setup] screens)