Front side

  1. Lens cable/microphone cable clamp

    Used for securing the lens and microphone cables.

  2. Lens mount (Bayonet type)

    This is where the lens is mounted.

  3. <SHUTTER> switch

    This is the electronic shutter switch.

    <OFF>: Disables the electronic shutter.

    <ON>: Enables the electronic shutter.

    <SEL>: Switches the shutter speed within the preset range.

    This switch cannot be used when the CCU or ROP is connected to the camera.

  4. <MIC> terminal (front)

    Used to connect the microphone (optional).

    When using, set the switch on the rear side as follows.

    • <LINE/MIC/+48V> selector switch (<MIC 1>): <MIC> or <+48V> (when using a phantom microphone)

    • <FRONT>/<REAR> switch (<MIC 1>): <FRONT>

  5. <USER 1> button

    A user-selected function can be assigned to this button. Pressing the button performs the assigned function.

  6. Tripod mount

    Used to attach the tripod adaptor SHAN-TM700 (optional) when mounting the camera on a tripod.

  7. <INCOM LEVEL> dial (front)

    Used to adjust the volume level of the intercom according to the settings of <REAR>/<INC1 FRONT>/<INC2 FRONT> on the rear side.

    • <REAR>: Cannot adjust the volume level.

    • <INC1 FRONT>: Adjusts the volume level of the intercom 1.

    • <INC2 FRONT>: Adjusts the volume level of the intercom 2.

  8. Lens lever

    After the lens is mounted on the lens mount, this lever can be tightened to secure the lens.

  9. <AUTO W/B BAL> switch

    <AWB>: Automatically adjusts the white balance. When the white balance is automatically adjusted with the <WHITE BAL> switch on the side of the camera set to the <A> or <B> position, the white balance is adjusted in several seconds and the adjusted value is stored in the memory.

    <ABB>: Automatically adjusts the black balance.

    The operation performed when the CCU or ROP is connected to the camera can be set from [MAIN MENU] → [SWITCH MODE] → [W/B BAL SETTING].

  10. <SELECT> dial button

    Turning the <SELECT> dial button while the menu screen is displayed moves the cursor to a setting item. The menu setting can be confirmed by pressing the <SELECT> dial button.

    For details on operations, refer to “Menu operations”.