Right side

  1. <OPT FIBER> terminal
  2. Used to connect with the CCU using the optical fiber multi cable. When the terminal is not in use, attach the dust cap.
  3. <LAN> terminal
  4. Used to connect the LAN cable (100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T).


    • Use a shielded cable when connecting a cable to the <LAN> terminal.
  5. Shoulder pad
  6. Reduces the burden on the shoulder when the camera is carried on your shoulder.
  7. Slide lock release lever
  8. Releases this lever when changing the shoulder pad position.
  9. Shoulder strap fittings
  10. Used to attach the shoulder strap.
  11. <VF> terminal
  12. Used to connect the plug of the viewfinder.
  13. Camera number sheet holder
  14. Attach the supplied camera number sheet.
  15. <USER 3> button
  16. A user-selected function can be assigned to this button. Pressing the button performs the assigned function.
  17. <LENS> terminal
  18. Used to connect the lens cable.