On-screen displays of the viewfinder

4K Studio Camera settings and messages indicating operating statuses appear on the viewfinder screen.

All items that can be displayed are located as follows.

  1. Camera mode display
  2. Indicates the camera image mode.
    • [59.94p]
    • [50p]
    • [29.97p]
    • [25p]
    • [23.98p]
    • [120p]
    • [100p]
  3. HDR mode display
  4. Displayed when the format is HDR.
  5. System mode display
  6. Indicates the system frequency.
    • [2160/59.94p]
    • [2160/50p]
    • [2160/29.97p]
    • [2160/25p]
    • [2160/23.98p]
    • [1080/59.94p]
    • [1080/50p]
    • [1080/29.97p]
    • [1080/25p]
    • [1080/23.98p]
  7. Warning display (preheating)
  8. Displayed when the device is being preheated at startup due to low temperature inside the device.
  9. Warning display (device)
  10. Displayed when there is an abnormality with the condition of the device.
    • The fan stops abnormally.
    • Internal temperature becomes high.
    • DC output supply goes over. (Combined total of each output)
    • There is a problem with the light reception level.
  11. The display cannot be hidden.
  12. Warning display (fan stopped)
  13. Displayed when the fan is stopped.
  14. Warning display (menu display)
  15. Displays the camera menu in the CCU. The menu cannot be operated from the camera.
  16. Return ID display
  17. Displays the return ID of the current return output number.
  18. The ID (character string) set in [MAIN MENU] → [RETURN SETTING] → [RETURN1 ID] to [RETURN4 ID] is displayed.
  19. The following return IDs (character strings) are set in factory settings.
    • [RET1] (When [RETURN1] is output)
    • [RET2] (When [RETURN2] is output)
    • [RET3] (When [RETURN3] is output)
    • [RET4] (When [RETURN4] is output)
  20. Monitor output signal display
  21. Indicates the signal type that is output to the monitor screen.
  22. Configures the signal settings from [MAIN MENU] → [IN/OUT SELECT] → [VF OUT].
    • [R]
    • [G]
    • [B]
    • [Y/C]
    • [NAM]
  23. High-sensitivity mode display
  24. Displayed when [MAIN MENU] → [SYSTEM MODE] → [SHOOTING MODE] → [HIGH SENS] is set.
  25. Voltage display
  26. Indicates the voltage coming in from the power supply.
  27. Focus assist magnification display
  28. The focus assist magnification display function is displayed while active.
  29. ND filter display
  30. Indicates the selected ND filter value.
    • [1]
    • [2]
    • [3]
    • [4]
  31. <WHITE BAL> switch position display
  32. Indicates the selected switch position.
    • [A]: When the <WHITE BAL> switch is set to <A>
    • [B]: When the <WHITE BAL> switch is set to <B>
    • [P]: When the <WHITE BAL> switch is set to <PRST>
  33. Color temperature display
  34. Indicates the color temperature that is set on the camera.
  35. This can be either the memory value when automatic white balance is performed or the value configured in the menu.
  36. Shutter speed display
  37. Indicates the shutter speed in accordance with each setting.
  38. Refer to [MAIN MENU] → [SWITCH MODE] → [SHUTTER SPEED] for details about setting values.
  39. Master gain display
  40. Indicates the value set in [MAIN MENU] → [SWITCH MODE] → [GAIN SETTING] → [LOW GAIN]/[MID GAIN]/[HIGH GAIN].
    • [−6dB] to [36dB]
  41. Offset gain display
    • [−2.9dB] to [+2.9dB]
  43. Dynamic range stretcher display
  44. Displayed when the dynamic range stretcher function is active.
  45. Chromatic aberration compensation display
  46. Displayed when the chromatic aberration compensation function is active.
  47. Digital extender display
  48. Displayed when the digital extender is being used.
  49. Lens extender display
  50. Displayed when the lens extender is being used.
  51. Iris display
  52. Indicates the iris setting value (F value) or [OPEN]/[CLOSE]. The F value is an approximate value.
  53. [NC] is displayed when the lens cable is not connected.
  54. F drop display
  55. Displayed when the F drop has occurred.


    • The display may not be supported depending on the lens model.

      For details, consult the lens manufacturer.

  56. Zoom position display
  57. Indicates the zoom position.
    • [Z00] to [Z99]


    • The zoom position is displayed when using a lens having a zoom position output.
  58. Focus position display
  59. Indicates the focus position.
    • [00] to [99]


    • The focus position is displayed when using a lens having a focus position output.
  60. Focus information display
  61. Displays the focus information of the focus.


    • This is displayed only when an auto focus lens with the function to return the focus information is mounted.
  62. Optical level display
  63. Indicates the level of the optical signals the camera will receive.
  64. Camera warning and information display area
  65. Displays a message indicating the occurrence of an error, the camera settings, the progress made in the adjustments, or the adjustment results for about three seconds.
  66. Audio input channel and level meter
  67. Indicates the audio level of the <MIC 1> terminal (audio input 1) and <MIC 2> terminal (audio input 2).