Attaching the viewfinder

HD viewfinder AJ-CVF50G (optional) can be used with this camera.

For details on handling the HD viewfinder, refer to the Operating Instructions of the viewfinder.

  1. Set the <POWER> switch to <OFF>.
  2. Pull up the knob on the mounting plate and slide the plate to attach the viewfinder. (Fig. 1)
  3. Securely tighten the viewfinder left-right positioning ring. (Fig. 1)
  4. Connect the plug to the <VF> terminal. (Fig. 2)


  • When connecting the plug to the <VF> terminal, confirm that the plug is fully inserted in the terminal.

Removing the viewfinder

  1. Set the <POWER> switch to <OFF>.
  2. Remove the plug from the <VF> terminal.
  3. Loosen the viewfinder clamping dial and then pull up the knob on the mounting plate.
  4. Slide the viewfinder along the plate to remove it from the plate.