Front side

  1. Lens cable/microphone cable clamp
  2. Used for securing the lens and microphone cables.
  3. Lens mount (Bayonet type)
  4. This is where the lens is mounted.
  5. <SHUTTER> switch
  6. This is the electronic shutter switch.
  7. <OFF>: Disables the electronic shutter.
  8. <ON>: Enables the electronic shutter.
  9. <SEL>: Switches the shutter speed within the preset range.
  10. This switch cannot be used when the CCU or ROP is connected to the camera.
  11. <MIC> terminal (front)
  12. Used to connect the microphone (optional).
  13. When using, set the switch on the rear side as follows.
    • <LINE/MIC/+48V> selector switch (<FRONT MIC>): <MIC> or <+48V> (when using a phantom microphone)
  14. <USER 1> button
  15. A user-selected function can be assigned to this button. Pressing the button performs the assigned function.
  16. Tripod mount
  17. Used to attach the tripod adaptor SHAN-TM700 (optional) when mounting the camera on a tripod.
  18. <INCOM LEVEL> dial (front)
  19. Adjusts the volume of the intercom receiver.
  21. Lens lever
  22. After the lens is mounted on the lens mount, this lever can be tightened to secure the lens.
  23. <AUTO W/B BAL> switch
  24. <AWB>: Automatically adjusts the white balance. When the white balance is automatically adjusted with the <WHITE BAL> switch on the side of the camera set to the <A> or <B> position, the white balance is adjusted in several seconds and the adjusted value is stored in the memory
  25. <ABB>: Automatically adjusts the black balance. The operation performed when the CCU or ROP is connected to the camera can be set from [MAIN MENU] → [SWITCH MODE] → [W/B BAL SETTING].
  26. <SELECT> dial button
  27. Turning the <SELECT> dial button while the menu screen is displayed moves the cursor to a setting item. The menu setting can be confirmed by pressing the <SELECT> dial button. For details on operations, refer to “Menu operations”.