Use the User Account Setup Software to set the user accounts in this unit

User account setting of this unit can be set using User Account Setup Software.


  • The User Account Setup Software saves user account information to an SD card, so you will need to insert an SD card in preparation.
  • We recommend a password for the user account that is 8 characters or more, and that includes at least 3 types of character including upper case, lower case, numerals, and special characters.

Procedure for setting with the User Account Setup Software

  1. Start User Account Setup Software.
  2. Enter the account name in the LOGIN USER field and the password in the LOGIN PASSWORD and RETRY PASSWORD fields.

    You can register user accounts for a maximum of 3 people. (Fig.1)

  3. Click the [Export] button. (Fig.1)
  4. Select the SD card to save to and click [OK]. (Fig.2)

Setting procedure on this unit

  1. Insert the SD card containing the user account information into this unit.
  2. Select [ACCOUNT SETTING] in the [FILE] menu.
  3. Select [LOAD].
  4. Select [EXECUTE].
  5. Select [YES].