What’s NDI® Technology

Complete video production, control,
and creativity all over IP

What is NDI®?

Produce your shows in a completely new way —using all sources on the network, not just the video materials connected to the SDI video router. NDI® (Network Device Interface), developed by NewTek, is an open standard for connecting video devices over a network. With this NDI® technology, all NDI® compatible devices on the network, such as switchers, camera systems, and media servers, can be accessed from any device, allowing more sources to be used for live production than ever before.
In addition, the video source can be used from any device on the same network and is automatically recognized even if the IP address is unknown. This allows for a flexible production flow at the shooting site. In addition, NDI® compatible devices can be automatically recognized from any devices on the same network, even if IP addresses are unknown, which enables video production work flow to be more flexible.

Two types of NDI®

There are two main types of NDI®, High Bandwidth NDI® and NDI®|HX, both of which can transmit high quality video over IP. High Bandwidth NDI® is characterized by low latency IP transmission of high quality video, while NDI®|HX is characterized by efficient video transmission even with limited bandwidth.

High Band width NDI® NDI®|HX
Compression system NewTek’s proprietary system
(low compression)
H.264 base
(high compression)
Bit rate FHD 60p 125 Mbps 4-24 Mbps
Network equipment
(cables, routers, etc.)
Ordinary gigabit Ethernet environment
Standard 1-Gpbs Ethernet cable
  • Source: https://www.ndi.tv/about-ndi/
  • * NDI®|HX data is based on NDI®|HX Version 2. The AW-UE40, AW-UE50, AW-UE80, AW-UE100 (from Ver. 1.56) and AW-UE150 (from Ver. 2.94) are compatible with NDI®|HX Version2.

Panasonic's NDI® compatible models

Panasonic has prepared an extensive lineup of PTZ cameras, including the AW-UE100 and AW-UE80 and the AG-CX350 professional camcorder as NDI® compatible products, and the IT/IP platform KAIROS, the AV-UHS500 (with the NDI® I/F unit AV-UHS5M6G equipped), and the AV-HLC100 as live switchers so that you can get the most out of NDI®. The combination of Panasonic cameras and live switchers that are compatible with NDI® enables flexible video production using IP, from live events to online streaming.

  • * Please see the specifications on the product page for the compatibility status of each product with high bandwidth NDI® and NDI®|HX.

How is it useful?

NDI® is video production over IP that you can use now on standard gigabit IP networks. Traditional control rooms and video productions utilized multiple paths, proprietary hardware, and distribution cores. With NDI®, the network is your distribution and all video sources are available to all video destinations. No longer are you tied to physical limits of inputs and outputs, but rather the bandwidth of your network available to you.

With NDI® Connection, a control room or multiple control rooms are all connected. All video sources are available to all video destinations without a separate cable. Simpler to connect, easier to deploy, offering even more production creativity!

Panasonic Technology

Single Cable IP Distribution

  • * Power over Ethernet Plus, IEEE 802.3at

Panasonic's PTZ cameras and NDI® technology will revolutionize live production

NewTek Technology

  • Automatic detection of video material
  • Supports high-efficiency NDI® transmission
  • Excellent low latency
  • Supports PTZ control and tally control
  • Realizes connection with a single LAN cable*1


  • Complete line-up of camera models with different sensor technology, optics, resolution, and interfacing.
  • Panasonic broadcast-level image quality with features like DRS*2, multi-axis color correction, and manual adjustment parameters.
  • The smoothest robotic and pan/tilt/zoom movement suitable for live "on-air" usage.
  • Dedicated IP controllers and software, such as the AW-RP150 and AW-RP60 joystick controllers, as well as the Remote Operation Panel (ROP) for shading are available.
  • Introducing redundancy - Simultaneous use of NDI® and baseband video (HDMI or HD-SDI) provides essential redundancy for production workflows.
  • Panasonic cameras with NDI®|HX support multicast mode, meaning you don't utilize extra bandwidth when multiple clients access the same stream.
  • Panasonic cameras feature an audio input. This means, audio can be injected and then embedded to your NDI® signal.
  • Equipped with a JPEG Image Saving function*3 that enables camera video to be saved, played back and deleted on a microSD card as still JPEG images.(AW-UN70W/K,AW-HN40HW/HK,AW-HN38HW/HK)
  • *1: The camera must be compatible with PoE to connect with a single LAN cable, and all Panasonic NDI® supported PTZ cameras are compatible with PoE.
  • *2: Dynamic Range Stretch
  • *3: Use may require a software version update.

System Configuration and Workflow

  • * PoE is required for NDI® connection.

Expandability with the use of NDI® Tools

By combining Panasonic's NDI® compatible products with NewTek's NDI® Tools, you can operate your NDI® workflow more flexibly and efficiently.

NDI® Webcam Input

Convert the NDI® source to USB Video Class and use it as input material for web conference software and lecture recording software.

NDI® Studio Monitor

NDI® source monitoring, easy control and recording are possible with PC software.

Case Studies

Broadcast Studio
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc.

Installed equipment:
AT-KC1000, AT-KC10C1, AT-SFC10, AW-UE100K, AW-HR140, AW-RP60GJ
Product Category:
IT/IP Platform, PTZ Camera Systems
September 2021
Broadcast Studio
CyberAgent, Inc. Chateau Ameba

CyberAgent, Inc.
Chateau Ameba

Installed equipment:
AT-KC1000, AT-KC10C1, AT-SFC10
Product Category:
IT/IP Platform
July-November 2021
Broadcast Studio
CyberAgent, Inc. Chateau Ameba

AbemaTV, Inc.

Installed equipment:
Product Category:
Professional Camera Recorders
February 2020

Panasonic NDI® | HX Compatible Products

PTZ Cameras NDI® built-in models

NDI® upgradable models
Professional Camcorders AJ-CX4000GJ
Live Switchers AV-UHS500 (with NDI®I/F unit AV-UHS5M6G installed)
  • * NDI® is a new protocol developed by NewTek, Inc. that supports IP video production workflow.
  • * NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
  • * Please see the specifications on the product page for the compatibility status of each product with high bandwidth NDI® and NDI®|HX.