Left side

  1. Lens flange back adjustment hole

    Used when adjusting the lens flange back.

  2. USER buttons (<1>/<2>/<3>)

    User-selected functions can be assigned to each button. Pressing a button performs the assigned function.

  3. Focus hook/focus mark < shouten_mark >

    Indicate the focal plane of the MOS sensor.

  4. <REC> button

    Press this button to start recording. Press this button again to stop recording. The button lights up in red during recording.

  5. <SHUTTER> switch

    Switch for changing the electronic shutter.

  6. <EI> switch

    Switch for changing the EXPOSURE INDEX (gain).

  7. Accessory mounting holes

    For attaching accessories.

    • Mounting hole size

      • 3/8-16 UNC

  8. Handle

  9. <LOCK> switch

    Disables the operation of the camera module buttons and switches. (except the <REC> button)

    Keep this in the <LOCK> position to prevent incorrect operation when moving the camera, etc.

  10. <WB> switch

    Switch for changing the white balance.

  11. Fan inlet

    Fan inlet for dissipating heat. Do not block this when the camera is in use.