Intelligent function

The brightness and color temperature changes drastically in the morning → day time → dusk → night at the outdoor where the camera is used.

The intelligent function will automatically correct the image level and color temperature in accordance with the change at outdoor.

Outdoor will drastically change as follows.

  • Brightness change of 10 to sixth power from 0.01 lx with crescent moon to 10,000 lx during sunny day

  • Color temperature change of 5000 K from 3000 K right after the sunrise to 8000 K during bright sunny day

Conventionally, this was taken care by manually adjusting gain, lens aperture, ND filter, and negative gain for the image level adjustment, and gain adjustment and CC filter for the color temperature adjustment.

However, if manual adjustment is required every time, there will be a problem of not being able to shoot an image during the emergency such as an earthquake.

This problem can be resolved by using the intelligent function.

The intelligent function is set in [MAIN MENU] → [INTELLIGENT].