Top screen

This is the screen displayed during startup.

  1. [Status]

    Displays the connection status of AK-UB300G and contents of the occurred error.

  2. [Connection Setting] button

    Displays the connection setting screen to the AK-UB300G. The connection setting screen is automatically displayed right after the startup.

  3. [Firmware Update] button

    Displays the firmware update execution screen of AK-UB300G.

  4. [Main Menu] button

    Selects the setting menu to change in the connected AK-UB300G.

  5. [OSD Menu Operation] button

    This is the button for the OSD operation. This can display the OSD menu or operate the cursor against the output image of AK-UB300G.

  6. Menu setting screen

    Displays the setting menu for the category selected by the [Main Menu] button. The content of the setting can be changed.