[Multi-screen setup] screen

[Multi-screen setup] screen sets the camera to display in the multi-screen.



Description of settings

[IP address]

Enter the IP address of the camera to display in the multi-screen. Maximum of four groups with four cameras in each group (16 cameras) can be registered.

Enter as follows when the HTTP port number of the camera to display is changed.


  • Factory setting: [selfcamera] ([Cam1]), no registration ([Cam2] to [Cam16])

[Camera title]

Enter the title of the camera. Entered title of the camera is displayed in the multi-screen screen.

You can enter 0 to 20 single-byte characters.

  • Factory setting: parts No. display ([Cam1]), blank ([Cam2] to [Cam16])

Characters that can be used

  • Single-byte numbers:


  • Single-byte alphabet (upper/lower case):



  • Single-byte symbols: