Connection setting screen

This is the screen displayed when the [Connection Setting] button is clicked. This is also displayed during startup.

  1. [Camera]

    • [IP Address]

      Sets the IP address of AK-UB300G to be connected.

    • [Port]

      Sets the port number of AK-UB300G to be connected.

      This setting is not necessary when the HTTP port number at the AK-UB300G side is not changed from its default.

  2. [Authentication]

    • [User Name]

      Specifies the account name used to connect to AK-UB300G. Specify the account with the administrator privilege.

    • [Password]

      Specifies the password for the account to be used when connecting.

  3. [Local Host]

    • [Port]

      Specifies the communication port number of the personal computer where the UB300 Setting Tool is to operate.

  4. [Connect] button

    Connection to AK-UB300G will start when the [Connect] button is clicked after setting [IP Address]/[Port]/[User Name]/[Password].

    [AK-UB300] is displayed in [Model] when the connection is successful.