Basic configuration devices

Equipment necessary for shooting with the camera, such as batteries, etc.

Part name

Part No.


Super-directional electret stereo microphone (phantom +48V)


Mounting the external microphone


AG-VBR59 (7.28 V, 5900 mAh, product compatible to included battery)

AG-VBR89 (7.28 V, 8850 mAh)

AG-VBR118 (7.28 V, 11800 mAh)

VW-VBD58 (7.2 V, 5800 mAh)

Attaching and removing the battery

Battery charger

AG-BRD50 (Product compatible to included battery charger)


Charging the battery

Memory card*

Visit the support desk at the website*

Preparing the memory card

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