Setting the time code

Select the [SYSTEM] menu → [FREQUENCY] → [59.94Hz]/[50.00Hz].

From the [SYSTEM] menu → [FILE FORMAT]/[REC FORMAT], select the recording format.

Select the [RECORDING] menu → [TC/UB] → [DF/NDF] → [DF]/[NDF].

[DF]: Advances the time code in the drop frame mode.

[NDF]: Advances the time code in the non-drop frame mode.

Select the [RECORDING] menu → [TC/UB] → [TC PRESET].

The [TC PRESET] screen is displayed.

Set the time code.

  • Press the <RESET> button to reset the time code to 0.

Confirm the setting value of the time code.

  • The setting value is confirmed when last two digits are set.

Time code function during battery replacement

The operation of the time code generator will continue by the backup mechanism functioning even when replacing the battery.

The time code of the free run may shift when any item in the [SYSTEM] menu → [FREQUENCY], [FILE FORMAT], or [REC FORMAT] is changed. Set the power to < j > (ON) again, confirm the time code, and set it again if necessary.

Time code in variable frame rate recording/super slow recording

The time code is fixed to [REC RUN] when the variable frame rate recording function or the super slow recording function is enabled. The time code will advance while recording at a speed corresponding to the ratio of the recording frame frequency of [REC FORMAT] and the setting values in the [SCENE FILE] menu → [FRAME RATE].

As an example, the time code will advance 60/24 frames per second (two seconds 12 frames) when the recording frame frequency of [REC FORMAT] is set to 23.98p and the [SCENE FILE] menu → [FRAME RATE] is set to [60fps].

  • The time code output from the <TC IN/OUT> terminal or the <SDI OUT> terminal is advanced in 1x speed from the exact start of recording.