Memory cards supported by the camera

The following SD cards and microP2 cards can be used with the camera. (As of April 2020)

Type of the SD card

Recording capacity

SDHC memory card

4 GB - 32 GB

SDXC memory card

48 GB - 256 GB

Type of the microP2 card

Recording capacity

microP2 card A series

32 GB, 64 GB

microP2 card B series

64 GB

  • Operation is not guaranteed for any memory cards other than the above.

  • Panasonic memory cards are recommended.

  • The following memory cards cannot be used because they do not comply with the SD standards.

    • A memory card with 4 GB or more without the SDHC logo

    • A memory card with 48 GB or more without the SDXC logo

  • The camera does not support the CPS (Content Protection System) function of the microP2 card, so a microP2 card formatted with encryption with CPS password cannot be sued. When formatted with the camera, it can be used as a microP2 card that is not encrypted.

Speed Class during shooting

The memory card to use differs depending on the recording mode and the recording format.

Use memory cards compatible with the Speed Class, UHS Speed Class, or Video Speed Class.

The recording may stop suddenly when a memory card not compatible with the required Speed Class is used.

  • Speed Class, UHS Speed Class, and Video Speed Class are the speed specification regarding continuous writing. Check the display on the label and other information on the memory card.