Camera settings

Setting for the NDI|HX function


Select the [NETWORK] menu → [NETWORK FUNC] → [NDI|HX].

The NDI|HX function is selected. The camera will automatically restart.

Set the streaming format with the [NETWORK] menu → [NDI|HX] → [STREAMING FORMAT].

This cannot be used when set to UHD.

Enabling the NDI|HX function

Perform the setting for the NDI|HX function, and then enable the NDI|HX function referring to the information in the NewTek website, etc. [NDI|HX] is displayed in the [NETWORK] menu → [NDI|HX] → [ACTIVATION] when the NDI|HX function is enabled.

Streaming with multicast

One streaming can be distributed to multiple NDI|HX compatible switchers via supported router, etc., when the multicast function is used.

Select the [NETWORK] menu → [NDI|HX] → [MULTICAST] → [ENABLE].

Select the [NETWORK] menu → [NDI|HX], and specify [MULTICAST ADDRESS] and [MULTICAST PORT].

  • Set [MULTICAST ADDRESS] within following range.

    IPv4: to

    IPv6: Multicast address starting with FF

  • Set [MULTICAST PORT] within the range of 1024 to 50000.

Using the NDI|HX function

Control the camera by operating the NDI|HX compatible switcher.

Disabling the NDI|HX function

Select the [NETWORK] menu → [NDI|HX] → [CLEAR ACTIVATION].

The activation information saved to the camera is deleted.

After the activation information is deleted, the NDI|HX function cannot be used until the NDI|HX function is enabled again.