Left side

  1. Eye cup

  2. Eyepiece

    Do not leave the eyepiece pointed toward the sun. Doing so might damage the devices inside.

  3. <USB2.0 HOST> terminal

    Can connect to wireless LAN when the wireless module (optional) compatible to camera is mounted.

  4. REC button (on the grip)

    Starts or stops the recording.

    Used for direct shooting in thumbnail mode.

  5. Power switch

    Switches between power on/standby.

    To turn on, set the power switch to < j > (ON). To set to standby, set the power switch to < h > (standby).

  6. Microphone cable clamp

    Fixes the external microphone cable.

  7. Microphone holder mounting section

    Mounts the supplied microphone holder with microphone holder screws.

  8. Tripod holes

    Attaches the tripod. (bottom)

    • Mounting hole size

      • 1/4-20 UNC (screw length 5.5 mm or shorter)

      • 3/8-16 UNC (screw length 5.5 mm or shorter)

  9. Accessory mounting holes

    Attaches accessories.

    The weight of the accessory should be no more than 2 kg including the mounting fixture.

    • Mounting hole size

      • Mounting screw size: M3

      • Mounting hole depth: 6 mm

      • Mounting hole pitch: 25 mm