Multi manual function

Operate the multidial to change settings and perform other operations without displaying the menu.

Operations can also be performed by pressing the <=/&> button, <(> button, <SET> button, and <EXIT> button.

You can execute the following functions.

Display of the camera image screen


[imageicon_operation_icon ICONS]

Displays the operation icon screen.

[imageicon_operation_icon WB]

Sets the variable value for the white balance.

[imageicon_operation_icon SHUTTER]

Sets the shutter speed.

[imageicon_operation_icon SYNCHRO]

Sets the synchro scan shutter speed.

[imageicon_operation_icon FRAME RATE]

Sets the frame rate of the variable frame rate recording function.

[imageicon_operation_icon AREA]

Adjusts the area size/area position of the area mode function.

[imageicon_operation_icon AF AREA]

Adjusts the width of the auto focus area.